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This Merlot Gin is the synergy of 2 different generations of the Melone family.

Grapes: Grown by husband and wife Cosi and Jo Melone.

Gin: Produced by the Melone sons.

Harvest date: 1 April 2022.

Profile: Vibrant flavours of raspberry, pepperberry and pine on the front of the palate, with undertones of sweet juniper and citrus. Expect medium bodied tannins and spice towards the end of the palate.

Drink: On ice, with a splash of soda or in a cocktail.

Bottle size: 700ml

Merlot Gin

  • Rocky's Merlot Gin Sour

    • 60ml RJ Merlot Gin
    • 30ml lemon juice
    • 20ml sugar syrup
    • 1 egg white
    • Garnish with orange

    Rocky's Merlot Spritz

    • 30ml RJ Merlot Gin
    • 30ml lemonade
    • Sparkling wine
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