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This gin has been crafted using both maceration and infusion methods to create a rose pink colour. The colour comes from grapefruit, pomegranate, blood orange, lemon and rose petals. We use organic botanical which helps extract more flavour. We recommend a garnish that is not too overpowering such as cucumber. Conveniently, it is not necessary to squeeze lemon or lime as it is already packed with citrus. Enjoy this gin with tonic, in a cocktail or on the rocks.

Bottle size: 700ml

Awards: Bronze at the Australian Gin Awards 2021

Pink Gin

SKU: 0002
  • Rocky's Watermelon Cocktail

    • 60ml RJ Pink Gin
    • 180ml watermelon juice (or blended)
    • 1/4 of lemon squeezed
    • 4 mint leaves
    • Shake with ice

    Makes 2 delicious cocktails!

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